Saturday, February 27, 2010

3 Lil' Eaglettes

Now here's a great project by all counts. I was approached a while back by some super cool folks who have been trying to bring a GREAT idea to life, but never seemed to quite get the project groovin.

Who better to instill the sentiments of patriotism, spreading peace, + environmental stewardship, than these 3 Lil' Eaglette characters, who are the decendants of our National Symbol, the bald eagle. Roger, Pax, and Terra, respectively, represent these qualities with fun communicative design and animation.

Learn more @ .... but suffice to say this project was a hoot, er, a "screach." I teamed up with Miah Alcorn to bring these little guys to life through a fun animation and website. Miah's incredible talent for character + look design really took off with this project, you are incredible my man! Thanks so much for teaming up on this one with me:)

I can't say alot about this yet, but look for these lil' guys on TV VERY soon!

A bit o' design

Here's a full re-brand for Jarred Bunch consulting...including logo + website, along with biz card, letterhead, + one sheet collateral. I'd call the design style "corporate cool." Ha ha.

Snowboard trip!

A much needed vacation to Steamboat Spring, CO was a blessing in the beginning of 2010. Loads of snowfall and -25 degree weather was something I'm not used to, but it was alot of fun to snowboard in true (champagne) powder the elevation is known are some cool pix from the trip!

HSN 3D viz work

Pretty excited to dive back into 3D full force with monthly viz renderings for Viking Production/Ingenious products for client HSN with some high end product visualizations.

I'm having a blast working with MAX + Mental Ray quite a bit lately. These are fun exercises for me to really hone my 3D skills for a slew of upcoming pretty involved 3D cinematic projects:)

What would happen if William Shakespeare were trying to get "Romeo & Juliet" published in the modern world?

Well, here's some fun hand drawn (not Flash) work for client, a new social publishing network that addresses that question...pretty funny stuff.

See the animation on the home page of

National Liberty Museum

Check out this fun work for an interactive exhibit for the National Liberty Museum (in Philidelphia) for client Allied Pixel. Thanks to Devin Vail for his trust in my vision...and very special thanks to Miah ALcorn, with whom I teamed up again for the design of the exhibit. You are legendary my man, even if your sphinx designs are "too sexy"...Ha ha!

Surfin' Safari

While it's been pretty cold here and it's effected some valuable tourism, we've been stoked in that it's has meant killer waves! Here are some pix from recent surf trips:


Huge news, I won a Global Award for my healthcare related work on the Body Toon Ups with Dr. Pete E. Attric for Kohl's and All Children's Hospital.

The award was given out in Sydney, Australia recently. Super cool, because I was inthe company of, and in many cases, beat out work from some of the top agencies in the world, like Saatchi & Saatchi , DDB, BBDO, Olgivy Worldwide, & Leo Burnett.

The Global Awards Announces 2009 Winners,1&wp=info&id=402887

Title: Body ToonUps with Dr. Pete E. Atric
Website URL:
Advertiser: Body ToonUps with Dr. Pete E. Atric
Company: All Children's Hospital
Country: USA
Category: Film / Video
Director of Creative Services, All Children's Hospital - Mike Sexton
Chief Executive Officer, University of South Florida Foundation - Joel Momberg
Riley Animation Studios, LLC - Kevin Riley
Alcorn Studios - Miah Alcorn
Panda Productions - George Harris
Radio Cinema - Marc Rose

The Global Awards are the world's largest and most coveted healthcare communications awards and are the only ones dedicated to the recognition of excellence on an international basis. The Globals receive entries from healthcare corporations, hospitals and education groups as well as from advertising agencies, design studios and production companies. The result is an unparalleled combination of medical, pharmaceutical and general health-related marketing messages to be judged.

Use a Didit! so you know you did

Here's a fun little character I designed, along with a website, biz card, + trade show collaterall material for a new product that helps folks remember to take their medications.

25,000 iPhone apps + 3 now

Like everyone else in the world, I've gotten into iPhone apps. I just know that when this game hits I'll be driving around in my Ferrari laughing at the thought of having to work ever, well, maybe not...

BUT, I did have fun working on the animation and graphics for this fighting game. Here's a screen soon as it's launched, I'll send the address and upload some cool animations from this game + the other two apps I worked on for a studio in Hong Kong:)

Halloween Party!

Our yearly Halloween Party was more succesfull than ever. We raised $3,000 for the Children's Cancer...Here's the illustration/flyer I created for the night.

We were 900 strong with 100 people waiting to get in at 12:30! Hulk Hogan won the costume contest in an unbelievable show of buffness! Only barely beating out my good friend Rowan, who came as a blow up car dealer wind decoration. Great costumes, killer vibe, and beautifull women EVERYWHERE...and sorry Mangroves (venue) I guess it's not a party until the Fire Marshall shows up! YIKES!

Blast from the Past!

Going through some old files, I ran into these layouts and animation plans for Lowry Park Zoo, for whom I did a :30 a while back. I love this style, which was hand drawn characters, mapped onto 3D surfaces and then deformed. A cool and cost effective style...sort of a 3D multiplane camera, if you will. Enjoy the look and setup design.

Who do you want to be?

These little guys are from a campaign I'm working on for Southwest Florida online Avatar styled little campaign with caricatured stereotypes of their college majors. Look for some cool animation in this simple, but fun, style soon...

Riley Animation + the boys from Dublin! U2!

Truly a spiritual night when U2 came to Raymond James Stadium. We arrived at the Stadium @ 7am, braving hot weather, South Americans who don't understand the concept of a line, security, and wicked games of 4 square. Muse rocked, but it was the boys from Dublin that made the night one of the most incredible ever. The Claw was magnificent. Beaming in Gui, the founder of Cirque de Solie from the International Space Station was crazy cool....We will be seeing them in NY, Miami, and possibly Toronto upon their return. So AWESOME!!

I'm Buggin' OUT!

Here's some fun + creepy 3D that I recently worked on. I teamed up with a live action project, in a series of spots for the South West Florida Water Management District (SWFMD) to show what happens when you water your grass too much. Namely these little buggers..YIKES!