Friday, February 20, 2009

Florida Aquarium Exhibit design + Animation!

Check it are some frames from seven 1:3o to 2:00 minute animations I created for The Florida Aquarium. I was charged with developing characters, storylines, animation, and even tank/exhibit design for their biggest expansion since their opening (In the early 90's, I think!).

A super cool project! Thanks to Pete, Maggie, Polly, and Steve @ the Aquarium for trusting me with developing & bringing these guys to life. Also thanks to Marc Battaglia & Kirsten for the scripts and assist with the creative direction, the Mighty Miah Alcorn for the help with "Mandy," and Marc Rose for the killer sound design! We knocked it out of the park!

Thanks to my good bud Chris Garafalo for taking these great pix for rock! Check out his site at ---he's an amazing photographer and a great guy.

I'll be posting more character designs and the animations in the next few blog posts and on my site. Stay tooned!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"A Chicken Named Mac"

Here's another installment of the All Children's Hospital intersticials..."A Chicken Named Mac"

This animation is about something we can all relate to (adult & kids alike)--->too much fat food and not enough exercise!!

The animation features a TV commercial style chorus treatment, mixed with a narrative about a chicken (named "MAC," obviously!) who learns to eat right and exercise. This is about as fun as animation gets:) Super Props to the AMAZINGLY MIGHTY Miah Alcorn, who gave me the invaluable opportunity to work with me on this production and Sunburn Serenade to bring both to their full potential. I can't say enough about what a pleasure it is to work with him-talk about talent! Also thanks to Mike Sexton and Joel Momberg for the great rockabilly style tune that made this so fun! This entire project wouldn't even have happened if it weren't for their amazing, relentless talent. I am truly blessed to work in the company of people like these guys.

The full animation(s) can be viewed here: and

"I Am Not a Little Ant!"

Here's a cool little intersticial (think "School House Rock") style animation I just finished on the proper way to wear a backpack. Seems kids all around the country (and world, for that matter) crunch their little spines by packing their backpacks too heavy!

This great tune by Joel Momberg and Mike Sexton of All Children's Hospital is intended to help kids (in a fun way) learn about backpack safety. It's part one of a 3 part intersticial project aimed at pediatric health education.

All three songs can be viewed here: and here

BIG NEWS!!!!!!

I started my own Animation and Illustration Company!
A very exciting time for me and my family. Zack (my son) told me he
wanted to start the first ever "Father & SON" Animation cool is that!!?
Busy, busy, but working on the new site:

Will have the reel updated along with a "recent projects" pages in the next few days...stay tooned!

Regis + Kelly look design

Check out some of the original design comps I put together for the Regis + Kelly show...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Regis + Kelly re-design

Check it out...Giant Octopus tapped me to create the logo for the new Regis + Kelly show! Here are some comps and the final logo design!