Thursday, February 19, 2009

"A Chicken Named Mac"

Here's another installment of the All Children's Hospital intersticials..."A Chicken Named Mac"

This animation is about something we can all relate to (adult & kids alike)--->too much fat food and not enough exercise!!

The animation features a TV commercial style chorus treatment, mixed with a narrative about a chicken (named "MAC," obviously!) who learns to eat right and exercise. This is about as fun as animation gets:) Super Props to the AMAZINGLY MIGHTY Miah Alcorn, who gave me the invaluable opportunity to work with me on this production and Sunburn Serenade to bring both to their full potential. I can't say enough about what a pleasure it is to work with him-talk about talent! Also thanks to Mike Sexton and Joel Momberg for the great rockabilly style tune that made this so fun! This entire project wouldn't even have happened if it weren't for their amazing, relentless talent. I am truly blessed to work in the company of people like these guys.

The full animation(s) can be viewed here: and

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