Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"SURFSEEKERS!" Signature Piece



More art for the "Surfseekers!"


Fresh off of our trip to Hawaii, here's a super cool and inspired original animated property I am working on with Stacie Harmon of 9th wave and Miah Alcorn. I'm so "stoked" to be working on this. The callaboration is a joy and big things are coming like a wave on the horizon with this...more details very, very soon;)

Zack's Hawaiian "Welcome to Manhood Manly MAN Trip!"

In very exciting news:
Zack and I traveled to the BIG ISLAND of Hawaii to celebrate him ushering into manhood!

We had the trip of our lives, seeing exploding lava from Volcanoes by Helicopter, dropping in on overhead surf @ perfect breaks that used to be reserved for Hawaiian Royalty, and experiencing the culture in a very special way in our time with Bear, a local surfer/instructor (and dream-maker!) who was our incredibly gracious liason to the Island, helping us understand how important environmental stewardship is, all the while helping to shape Zack's energy + life outlook as he journey's into manhood. I couldn't be more appreciative of what he allowed us to experience. Namely, our New Year's Eve excursion and ceremony with Ole where Zack was officially cristened in a traditional Hawaiian blessing. It was truly unforgettable.
What started out as a trip to help Zack view life in an inspired way, ended up even helping me understand my importance as a Father and steward, and he and I returned transformed. I could not suggest a vacation or experience more enthusiastically. If you ever plan to visit the BIG Island, reach out to Bear @ for the ULTIMATE surf and spiritual Safari!