Saturday, February 27, 2010

3 Lil' Eaglettes

Now here's a great project by all counts. I was approached a while back by some super cool folks who have been trying to bring a GREAT idea to life, but never seemed to quite get the project groovin.

Who better to instill the sentiments of patriotism, spreading peace, + environmental stewardship, than these 3 Lil' Eaglette characters, who are the decendants of our National Symbol, the bald eagle. Roger, Pax, and Terra, respectively, represent these qualities with fun communicative design and animation.

Learn more @ .... but suffice to say this project was a hoot, er, a "screach." I teamed up with Miah Alcorn to bring these little guys to life through a fun animation and website. Miah's incredible talent for character + look design really took off with this project, you are incredible my man! Thanks so much for teaming up on this one with me:)

I can't say alot about this yet, but look for these lil' guys on TV VERY soon!

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